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When Can I Water My Lawn?

Fells Cove Residents are allowed to water on their designated days 
Designated days: MONDAY and FRIDAY ONLY
NO Watering between 10am and 4pm

The only exceptions are:
*Watering in lawn care chemicals (fertilizer, pesticides,    insecticides, herbicides, fungicides) as directed by        manufacturer or following best management practices
*Repair and/or maintenance of the irrigation system
*Water discharged from a water-cooled air conditioning     system
*Watering with a hand-held hose with a shutoff nozzle

New Landscaping
New landscaping may be watered every day for 30 days after installation. Run only those zones that water the new landscaping. If you receive a violation during the 30-day period, call 407-518-2569. You will be asked to provide a receipt, invoice, canceled check, credit card statement or some other proof that establishes the start of the 30-day period.

For more information, visit:

Who is Responsible for the trees between the sidewalk and road?

Each homeowner is responsible for the care and maintenance of trees in front of their property.

Did you know that most young trees should not be staked in the ground for more than 12 to 18 months?

Leaving a tree staked to long could harm or even damage the tree long term.  Staking a tree to long, doesn't allow the trees roots to form the support the tree needs when the stakes are removed. The natural sway of a tree allows the roots to grow strong and secure in the ground to support the tree.  Also, leaving a tree staked to long hinders the growth of the tree and may rub the bark off of it.

Solution: Remove the stakes from the trees!  Most of the homes in the neighborhood have been planted for almost 2 years. Check with your local arborist or tree pro to see if you should remove the stakes from your trees.

My neighbor's dog is loose or barking all night long can the HOA do anything?

Osceola County Animal Control has a leash law that requires all dogs to be on a leash or be under voice command at all times. If there is a dog running loose or any other animal complaints, we recommend that you contact the Osceola County Animal Control.

For more information, contact Osceola Animal Control at: 407-343-7101.
Monday: Noon to 5PM
Tues.- Friday: 10am to 5PM
Saturday: 9am to 2PM

My mailbox is broken, who do I call to get it repaired?

All mailboxes must be restored to the same style within the community.  Contact Creative Mailbox Design for repairs or replacements at: 1-800-804-4809


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