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ARC Committee

Ever wonder exactly what is the ARC and what they do?  The ARC is a committee of homeowners that are approved by the Fells Cove Board of Directors to review and approve request by homeowners who want to make changes or additions to their property/lot.  The ARC reviews these forms and uses the Fells Cove Covenant and Bylaws to interpret and make decisions on whether to approve or disapprove the request.  Below is an excerpt from Section 33 of the Covenant and Bylaws on what control the ARC has.

Section 33: ARC Control

Prior to the commencement of the work described therein, all building plans and specifications (including plot plan, elevations, grading plan and material lists) for the construction, alteration or addition of Living Units or any structures, or for the erection of walls, hedges or fences, and all plans for the landscaping of yards, and all plans or agreements relating to the appearance, colors and materials to be used on the exterior of a structure, shall be approved in writing by Developer of the ARC.  The ARC shall be composed of three (3) or more representatives which shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.  The Developer or the ARC, as the case may be, shall have the absolute right to approve or disapprove said plans for any reason including aesthetic considerations.  All plans must be sent to Developers by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested.  Any plans not disapproved within thirty (30) days after their receipt by Developer shall be deemed approved.  The rights granted to Developer under this paragraph may be assigned by Developer to the ARC.

Fells Cove ARC Form